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Sexual and discriminatory harassment prevention training has become a higher priority for employers in recent years. Effective anti-harassment training can significantly reduce the risk of harassment claims and motivate employees to recognize, report, and in some cases, prevent misconduct.  A few key things that will assist in creating a safe workplace include:

Interactive training is essential in order to effectively address and prevent harassment in the workplace. Regular sessions keep your employees or new hires up-to-date on any changes in policies, procedures, and regulations. If your employees know how seriously you take harassment prevention, they are more likely to take it seriously too.

Only in recent years has sexual harassment training been required for all employees in a workplace. Before, organizations only trained their managers and supervisors.

Employers and supervisors must make it clear how seriously harassment complaints are taken. Training is an opportunity to communicate and reinforce your position on workplace safety and behavior standards. Be sure your employees know the complaint process, have multiple reporting options and understand the role of bystander intervention in preventing unwelcome conduct.

Sexual and discriminatory harassment happen all too often and typically go unreported. Are you ready change that trend? Get in touch with us today.

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