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Workplace conflict is inevitable. Employees with different backgrounds and work styles aren’t always going to agree. However, not all conflict is bad.  When there is friction and/or pushback over ideas, it can be a very healthy form of collaboration and problem-solving, but when conflicts become personal, they should be managed and resolved as quickly as possible.  This requires that managers know how to say hard things.  Learning how to address a difficult situation is a valuable skill for leaders to have.  This training offers you the knowledge and tools to effectively handle conflict resolution in your workplace.  We’ll help you keep the focus on awareness and accountability to influence positive change. 

The Importance of Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflict can occur in any organization at any time and can be expressed in numerous ways. Whether through insults, lack of cooperation, bullying, or anger – personal conflict is typically easy to spot. Causes range from a clash in personalities, miscommunication, and even causes related to organizational mismanagement. If left unaddressed, workplace conflicts can lead to decreased productivity, disruptions, absenteeism, project failure, turnover, and termination. Avoid the negative outcomes of workplace conflict by equipping yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively handle difficult situations.

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