Employee Relations & Performance Reviews

Employee Relations & Performance Reviews

Mitigating risk when it comes to employee relations concerns is crucial. We will implement processes that increase employee satisfaction and productivity while minimizing your liability. Custom-designed KPI and structured reviews are available as well.

How Do You Define Employee Relations?

Employee relations refers to an organization’s efforts to cultivate and maintain positive relationships with employees. Maintaining constructive employee relations keeps employees more engaged in their work and loyal to the organization.

When it comes to employee relations, HR departments work to prevent and resolve problems between employees and management. Additionally, HR professionals help create and enforce policies that are consistent and fair for everyone in the workplace.

A key factor in maintaining positive employee relations is viewing employees as valued contributors to the company rather than paid laborers. Fostering this perspective encourages employers and supervisors to seek employee input and consider their experience when making decisions.

Performance Reviews

Whether conducted as a casual weekly check-in or a formal evaluation once a year, performance reviews are an opportunity to assess how well an employee’s efforts meet the near and long-term goals of the organization. Regular performance reviews can help guide the development of training processes to maximize the employee’s strengths and address any weaknesses.

Employers and employees will get the most out of performance reviews that follow a well-constructed plan. 

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