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HR Hot Topics - February, 2024: DOL Updates Independent Contractor Rule

Welcome to the February edition of HR Hot Topics! In this episode, host Jodi Schafer provides an update on the Department of Labor’s recent reinterpretation of the independent contractor rule.

HR Hot Topics – January, 2024: Benefit To-Do's in New Plan Year

Welcome to HR Hot Topics January 2024! Join Jodi Schafer and HRM’s newest team member, Gin Gibson, an expert in employee benefits, as they delve into important HR subjects.

HR Hot Topics – December, 2023: Handbook Updates Based on Recent NLRB Ruling

Welcome to the final edition of HR Hot Topics for 2023! Join Jodi Schafer as she guides us through an insightful discussion on the crucial updates in HR policies and handbooks, prompted by recent decisions from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).


HR Hot Topics - November, 2023: Generative AI in the Workplace: Employer Responsibilities

Welcome to this month’s edition of HR Hot Topics with your host, Jodi Schafer. In our latest video, we’re tackling the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR, including an overview of President Biden’s executive order that sets new guidelines for AI.

HR Hot Topics - October, 2023: - Paid Leave and Earning Threshold Changes

Welcome to the October edition of HR Hot Topics! This month, we’re diving deep into two significant pieces of legislation that should have employers of all sizes on their toes.

HR Hot Topics – September, 2023: Getting Creative with Benefit Offerings

Welcome to the September edition of “HR Hot Topics” with your host, Jodi Schafer! As we embrace the fall season, it’s time to reflect on open enrollment and craft the perfect benefit plans for the upcoming year.

HR Hot Topics - August, 2023: NEW I-9 and Verification Rule Changes

Hello Leaders, Welcome to August’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month we bring you the new I-9 form and we explore recent verification rule changes made to the I-9 process.

HR Hot Topics – July, 2023: Understanding the CROWN Act

Welcome to July’s edition of HR Hot Topics! I thought I’d take a break from sightseeing in Italy to share with you this month’s video – which has to do with racial or ethnic identity.

HR Hot Topics – June, 2023: Hiring Summer Help: Youth Employment Standards

Hello Leaders, Welcome to June’s edition of HR Hot Topics! School is out for most teenagers and that means it is time to secure a summer job.

HR Hot Topics – May, 2023: Pregnancy-Related Updates – Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Welcome to May’s edition of HR Hot Topics! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought it appropriate to share with you some recent legislative updates that pertain to pregnant employees and nursing mothers.

HR Hot Topics – April, 2023: Potential Changes to Overtime Rules & Exciting HRM Announcements

Hello Leaders, Welcome to April’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month I share with you potential rule changes that would impact the Fair Labor Standards Act, including who is eligible for overtime pay.

HR Hot Topics – March, 2023: Setting Healthy Boundaries and Employment Law Updates

Hello Leaders, Welcome to March’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month I share with you some helpful context to better understand boundaries in the workplace and how language can be used to both set and challenge those boundaries in a healthy way.

HR Hot Topics – February, 2023: Romance and Friendship in the Workplace

Welcome to February’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month we explore love and friendship in the workplace. According to a recent SHRM article while, “Most U.S. workers say they are comfortable with workplace romances and would respect co-workers involved in one,” the majority are not interested in pursuing a workplace romance themselves.

HR Hot Topics – January, 2023: New Independent Contractor Rule & Exciting HRM Announcement

Welcome to January’s edition of HR Hot Topics!  We’re kicking off 2023 with an episode on the newly proposed independent contractor rule from the Department of Labor.  Independent contractor (1099) status has always been a challenging area for employers to navigate. 

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