HR Hot Topics – May Edition – Major Changes Impacting Employers: DOL Earning Thresholds & FTC Noncompete Ban

Welcome to the May edition of HR Hot Topics, your essential guide to the latest in HR regulations and strategies. Join host Jodi Schafer as she dives into the significant changes announced at the federal level by the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that will impact employers nationwide. In this episode:

  • Jodi explores the new DOL rule increasing the earning thresholds for exempt employees, explaining the tiered approach and its potential legal challenges.
  • She also discusses the FTC’s recent ruling that bans most noncompete agreements, highlighting the exceptions and the need for alternative strategies.

Get ready for a detailed breakdown of these crucial updates and learn how they could affect your business.


0:00 – Introduction and Overview of May’s Key HR Topics
1:15 – Jodi Schafer Previews Significant Regulatory Changes
2:30 – Deep Dive into DOL Earning Threshold Increases: Current vs. New Rates
4:45 – Understanding the Tiered Approach and Legal Implications of DOL Changes
7:00 – Strategies for Employers in Response to Earning Threshold Increases
9:30 – Overview of the FTC Ban on Noncompete Agreements
11:00 – Exceptions and Impact of the FTC’s Noncompete Ruling
13:15 – How Businesses Can Adapt to the Noncompete Ban
15:00 – Alternative Agreements and Protective Measures Post-Ban
17:30 – Preparing for Compliance: Steps for Business Leaders