Executive Search

Executive Search

HRM’s executive search services include locating and recruiting individuals for executive or C-suite positions. Executive search is commonly handled by professional recruitment firms with experience identifying qualified candidates for high-level positions. Potential candidates are engaged in a more personal way. Communications are in-depth and the hiring process is more extensive than what would typically be used for staff-level positions.  We offer executive search services for businesses throughout the state of Michigan, with a primary focus on associations and non-profit organizations.

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"Jodi was engaging and had a great sense of humor (this is important to me). She made it easy to pay attention and answered our questions when asked. Her explanations were very "to the point" and were generally backed up with her real-world experience."
- Travis Dolloway, Great Lakes Stainless
"Jodi goes above and beyond to make sure that the class understands what she is talking about. She ensures that it is interactive and opens the floor up to questions and comments. Jodi does not let her class get boring and dull, she allows you to learn in a positive environment."
- Crystal Florence, TRMI, Inc.
"I appreciate Jodi's professional expertise."
- Rick Delaney, CPA, Vice President, PensionTrend
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