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The key to HRM training is our focus on tailoring each session to you. No matter who you are or what business you’re in, everyone who attends one of our sessions walks away with powerful, proven tactics and resources they’ll be able to use forever. While with us, you’ll be introduced to new concepts and methods that will benefit your entire organization. Depending on your unique needs, we can deliver live in-person, online/on-demand or virtual sessions, design a customized retreat, set up ongoing coaching/mentoring meetings or provide access to our digital library of online, on demand, training modules.

You’ll find a common theme throughout our human resources and leadership courses; we give it to you straight. We present realistic scenarios and offer realistic solutions. With our breadth of knowledge and experience, you can trust that the tools we’re offering you are foolproof.

Bottom line? We offer realistic training that you’ll use throughout your entire career and help you sustainably build your business so it evolves with the times. Review our most popular training seminars below.

In-Person and Virtual Training Options

So often individuals are put in a leadership role with no management or leadership training, and left to their own devices. This can lead to serious mistakes that can end up causing frustration and costing your company a lot of time and money. This session teaches the foundation for understanding the true role of a leader and provides a toolbox of skills that can be immediately implemented.

Dive into the essentials of HR with this introductory HR Course, which is perfectly tailored for leaders who’ve unexpectedly found themselves managing people practices and/or HR responsibilities. We guide you through the basics of employment law and the intricacies of recruitment, onboarding, performance assessments, workplace safety, and managing employee exits. Designed for those who are new to HR functions or looking to solidify their knowledge, this online course offers a practical roadmap to mastering HR fundamentals, enhancing workplace culture, and confidently tackling people-related challenges that may come across your desk.

Now more than ever, having sound, practical policies prohibiting sexual and discriminatory harassment are a must. We will discuss the history of this area of employment law, the current standards which are ever-changing, the gray area between harassment and inappropriate/unprofessional behavior, reporting procedures, and the individual responsibility and potential liability for failing to address situations that may be considered harassment and/or discrimination in the workplace.

A successful company begins with the ability to attract high quality candidates. This is a challenge no matter what the economic conditions. This session is focused on developing techniques and an on-boarding process that will ensure you put your best foot forward; attracting top talent and building your employer reputation.

Good communication goes beyond what you say and how you say it. This session hones in on the skills needed to effectively send and receive messages in a variety of situations. It encompasses the impact that differences in personality, generation, cultural norms, and situational stressors can have on our ability to clearly understand and respond in a meaningful way.

A great coach can make a team great. Good coaching is about directing and supporting rather than demanding. Coaching is an essential tool in every manager/supervisor’s toolbox. This session will provide you with techniques that create more meaningful interactions with your team; so you know when to push, when to praise and when to shut up.

This is more than training your employees, it is about the process you use to develop the skill set of your staff. This session applies to all levels of performance and provides a road map for creating a development plan in partnership with each staff member, resulting in a real impact on productivity and engagement.

This is one of our most popular sessions. We all know that we must address violations of policy, inappropriate behavior, or poor work product, but we hate to do it! We don’t know how to say what we need to say, and so we avoid it—until it happens again. This presentation will demystify the process and give you the tools you need to mitigate risk, reduce anxiety and improve outcomes.

So much time is put into hiring the best, but what steps do you take to retain and grow these employees once you have them? It begins with leadership. As you’ve heard before, “People don’t leave jobs; people leave people.” We will provide you with techniques and tools to turn employees with ‘potential’ into meaningful contributions over the long haul.

These are the laws of your company, they provide direction and are your first defense. We will discuss what policies you must have, what policies you may want to consider, and what you don’t need and why. We will talk about how to write policies to assure understanding and provide the ability to administer. This session also covers the importance of training your staff on your company policies and how to keep them informed of changes as they occur.

HR compliance requirements and employment law is always changing. This session provides an overview of the current Hot Topics going on in the HR arena at the local, state and national level that you need to know, but may not have the time or resources to keep up with.

How do you recruit, engage and retain multi-generational talent? Well, it starts with culture! Failure to recognize the role of employee engagement, influential leadership and the impact of generational expectations could mean the difference between growing your next long-term staff member and simply training them for your competition. This session reviews the differences between generations in the work place and provides strategies for diversifying and supporting your teams.

By combining self-assessments with workshop facilitation and the Catalyst™ platform, this session supports participants to develop the social and emotional know-how for more effective (and enjoyable!) interactions from anywhere. DiSC offers a highly personalized learning experience that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies in four basic behavioral styles. Participants will see their unique DiSC style represented on a map, allowing them to intuitively recognize and understand themselves and how they relate to others in the workplace.

Starting with The Five Behaviors assessment, participants will gain insights about themselves, others, and their approach to teamwork. These insights are then brought to life through a powerful virtual or in-person facilitated experience that works by addressing the full spectrum of essential cohesive team behaviors. The Five Behaviors® solutions can help you activate your team’s ability to drive results through cohesive teamwork, whether it is with the Personal Development solution which helps individuals learn the skills they need to “team” effectively on any team and build a culture of teamwork, or the Team Development solution which helps intact teams gain the know-how to work better together.

Don’t see a topic on our list that meets your needs? HRM Services will work with you to customize a training session on any human resources topic you need.



We have developed an online training platform designed to offer you valuable content in a flexible way. HR Hazmat’s virtual human resource and leadership training modules are designed to meet the needs of all industries, focusing on the topics of leadership development, communication, conflict resolution, and anti-harassment. You choose the course and online format that best suits your organization and schedule.  We offer both self-guided and hybrid options. The hybrid format concludes a course with a facilitated video call, allowing you/your team to ask questions and for us to guide you in applying what you’ve learned.

Our training content comes from a consulting body of knowledge – real world best practices vs. a textbook. We’re sharing with you what we know works because we’ve been on the other side of the desk. Our experience has allowed us to create training courses that are both informative and relatable.

The Importance of Management & Leadership Coaching

Most organizations are filled with managers attempting to effectively lead with little to no managerial training. The lack of management & leadership coaching leaves individuals in these roles feeling discouraged or inadequate. Not to mention the team they’re managing might feel misled, confused, or unmotivated. Management & leadership coaching aims to maximize human capital leading to improved growth and efficiency across the board.

Our management & leadership coaching can be performed one-on-one or in a group setting.   We go beyond discussing general managerial behavior – and dive deep on individual needs and development. Coaching at this level can help leaders gain confidence in decision making, improve conflict resolution skills, manage stress, and achieve personal and organizational goals. Management and leadership coaching can also make for a more pleasant and effective work environment for both management and employees.

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It normally takes years of training to build a great HR department. With our help, you can have a reliable source for all your HR needs, and concentrate instead on what your business does best.