Workplace Investigations

Getting to the bottom of a workplace complaint, especially a very serious one, can be tricky business. Emotions run high and the consequences of botching the process or failing to uncover the truth are nothing to mess with. Leave it to us to help you sort it all out.

Why Workplace Investigations Are Needed

Employee complaints, whether informal or formal, should be addressed immediately to stop the alleged conflict. Many laws require employers to investigate complaints of any kind (discrimination, ethical, harassment, etc.) as quickly as possible. Additionally, any appropriate corrective action must be taken by the employer to ensure illegal actions cease immediately.

Failing to respond to an employee complaint can ruin an employer’s credibility and potentially lead to a costly lawsuit. Avoid these adverse outcomes and hire a professional workplace investigator to get to the bottom of things.


Our Workplace Investigation Process

First and foremost, we ensure confidentiality for all parties involved. We recommend employers provide interim protection for the accuser or alleged victim. Separating the alleged victim from the accused can ensure no further harassment or retaliation takes place. An advantage to hiring an outside investigator is that the individual will be able to look at the situation objectively. An inside investigator might be directly affected by decision-making and the outcome.

Our investigator is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge of current employment laws. With great attention to detail, you can trust that our investigator will get to the bottom of the issue at hand.

Another crucial aspect of conducting an effective workplace investigation is the ability to build rapport with the parties involved. Strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and a proven track record of successful workplace investigations are only a few reasons why you should trust HRM for all your investigation needs.

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