HR Hot Topics – April 20024: Important Announcements that will Impact Employers


Welcome to April’s edition of HR Hot Topics! Join host Jodi Schafer as we celebrate the 11-year anniversary of her ownership of HRM Services and dive into the latest updates and proposed rule changes impacting employers. This month, we’re keeping an eye on the expected release of the final rule on the earning threshold for salary employees at the federal level from the Department of Labor, as well as some Michigan-related updates regarding state house elections and potential Supreme Court rules related to minimum wage and paid leave. With any rule changes, employers must also remember to update their labor law posters and Jodi shares resources to make that process easier. Whether you’re an HR professional or a leader in a small to medium-sized company, this episode is packed with updates to help you navigate the ever-changing HR and employment law landscape.


  • 0:04 – Introduction to April’s HR Hot Topics
  • 0:25 – Overview of this month’s updates
  • 0:43 – Department of Labor’s expected rule changes on the exemption earning threshold
  • 3:48 – Michigan House of Representatives elections
  • 5:12 – Anticipated Michigan Supreme Court decision on minimum wage and paid leave
  • 7:10 – Resource for updated employment law posters
  • 9:05 – Announcements on HRM leadership training and future sessions

Topics Covered:

  • Proposed federal increase in earning threshold for exempt employees
  • Election for two open House seats in Michigan and its potential implications
  • Michigan Supreme Court decision on minimum wage and paid leave time
  • The importance of keeping employment law posters up-to-date
  • Upcoming in-person leadership training sessions and seminars

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