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HR Hot Topics – June, 2022: Communicating TOTAL Compensation to Employees

Welcome to June’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month’s episode describes the value of using total compensation statements to give employees the full picture when it comes to their pay package.

HR Hot Topics – May, 2022: The UIA Debacle and What’s Being Done About it

Welcome to May’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month’s episode centers around Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) and the results of several independent audits and investigations into agency actions during the COVID crisis.

HR Hot Topics April, 2022: Upskilling and Reskilling your Workforce + Exciting Announcement!

Welcome to April’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month’s episode was filmed for release in March, but due to timing delays was pushed back a month. We continue our conversation on upskilling and reskilling your workforce as a way of preparing for workforce shortages issues.

HR Hot Topics – February, 2022: Sobering Workforce Projections

Happy February! This month’s episode takes the long view on workforce statistics.

HR Hot Topics – January, 2022: CDC Updates Quarantine and Isolation Guidance

As you know, the Omicron variant is sweeping across our state and our nation; drastically increasing the number of employees who are contracting COVID and those out due to quarantine.

HR Hot Topics – December, 2021: Updates on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

We’re coming to the end of another crazy year and I thought I’d close out our 2021 HR Hot Topics with an update on the various COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

HR Hot Topics – November, 2021: Workforce Statistics with a New Team Member

Welcome to the November edition of HR Hot Topics. I’m excited to introduce the newest member of the HRM team to you this month!

HR Hot Topics – October, 2021: Asking About a Job Seeker’s Vaccination Status

Welcome to the October edition of HR Hot Topics. We are back to discussing the ever-changing COVID guidance.

HR Hot Topics – Sept. 2021: New OSHA Guidance to Protect Workers & New Fed Rules on Vaccine Mandates

Welcome to the September edition of HR Hot Topics. We are back to discussing the ever-changing COVID guidance.

HR Hot Topics – August, 2021: Preventing Inappropriate & Illegal Behavior in the Workplace

Welcome to the August edition of HR Hot Topics. I was struck recently by an article that highlighted the significantly different beliefs between men and women as to what constitutes sexual harassment.

HR Hot Topics – July, 2021: The Power of Stay Interviews

Welcome to the July edition of HR Hot Topics. I’m back from an extended trip ‘Out West’ and have been getting questions on how to find qualified talent in the wake of COVID.

HR Hot Topics – June, 2021: MIOSHA Emergency Rule Changes

Welcome to the June edition of HR Hot Topics.  In this month’s episode I unpack the latest round of MIOSHA emergency rules and discuss how they impact you and your business.

HR Hot Topics – May, 2021: Vaccine Incentives and Responding to Customer/Patient Vaccination Inquiries

Welcome to the May edition of HR Hot Topics.  In this month’s episode we’re talking vaccines…again. 

HR Hot Topics – April, 2021: FFCRA Extension and COBRA Updates

In this month’s episode I provide an overview of two important changes brought about by the recently passed American Rescue Plan Act.

HR Hot Topics – March, 2021: Travel and Quarantine Policies for Vaccinated and COVID-Recovered Staff

Welcome to the March edition of HR Hot Topics. Spring (false spring) is upon us here in Michigan and with that comes thoughts of spring break and vacations to someplace warm!

HR Hot Topics – February, 2021: HRM Welcomes Ann Hall to our Team of HR Experts!

Hello Leaders!

I’m taking a small break from discussing COVID (you’re welcome!) and instead want to use this month’s episode share to some exciting news happening at HRM.

HR Hot Topics – January, 2021: How to Address Employee Concerns Regarding the Coronavirus Vaccine

Hello Leaders!

Welcome to 2021!  This year has already gotten off to an eventful start and the issues that employers must grapple with in the workplace show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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