HR Hot Topics – August, 2022: Legal Updates

Welcome to August’s edition of HR Hot Topics!  This month’s episode attempts to bring you up to speed on several recent court decisions affecting Michigan employers.  However, as is the case with many legal updates, the speed of change makes providing up-to-date information difficult.  We shot this month’s episode on the morning of July 29thand by that afternoon, the Michigan Court of Claims announced they were issuing a stay to their own ruling regarding changes to minimum wage and earned paid sick leave.  On the Roe v. Wade front, the injunction I talk about in this month’s video (that pre-emptively prevented Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban from going into effect following the recent Supreme Court decision) was overturned on August 1st, only to have an Oakland County judge issue a restraining order hours later – blocking prosecutors from enforcing the 1931 law.  Now we wait and see what the next chapter brings.  Never a dull moment!