HR Hot Topics – January, 2024: Benefit To-Do’s in New Plan Year


Welcome to HR Hot Topics January 2024! Join Jodi Schafer and HRM’s newest team member, Gin Gibson, an expert in employee benefits, as they delve into important HR subjects.


✔️ Key Highlights:


[00:10] Introduction to the episode and Gin Gibson

[01:45] Gin’s background in benefits and certifications

[03:11] Focus areas post-open enrollment

[04:28] Essential documents for employee distribution: Summary of Benefits and Coverage

[06:20] Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act Notice discussion

[08:02] January invoicing checks and the importance of accuracy in premium changes

[10:42] Reviewing employee pay stubs for correct premium deductions

[11:22] Utilizing carriers’ marketing materials for employee education

[12:23] Availability for employee queries and the importance of communication


Gin brings her extensive experience in benefits management, including compliance, employee and employer perspectives, and federal regulations like ERISA. This episode focuses on the crucial tasks HR professionals should undertake post-open enrollment, from ensuring correct benefit document distribution to managing insurance invoices effectively. Gin also shares insights on how to maximize employee benefit strategies. Perfect for HR professionals and aspiring leaders in small and medium-sized companies, this episode is a treasure trove of practical advice and compliance guidelines. Don’t forget to join our email list through the link below and check out the linked resources mentioned in the video for further details!