HR Hot Topics February 2024: DOL Updates Independent Contractor Rule


Welcome to the February edition of HR Hot Topics! In this episode, host Jodi Schafer provides an update on the Department of Labor’s recent reinterpretation of the independent contractor rule. Effective March 11th, six factors will be considered for determining if someone can be categorized as an independent contractor, as opposed to a W-2 employee. This reinterpretation will pose significant challenges and considerations for employers, especially in the gig economy and creative industries. Join us for an informative discussion on these changes, strategies for compliance, and the implications for businesses. For more insights and resources, check the links below. Questions? Reach out to Jodi at

✔️ Key Highlights:

00:10 | Introduction to New Independent Contractor Rules
01:10 | Overview of Changes from 2021 to Present
02:11 | Detailed Explanation of the Six New Criteria
03:37 | Impact on Gig Economy and Creative Services
04:59 | Implications for Employers and Advice on Contracts
06:10 | Importance of Contracts and Attorney Consultation
07:07 | Potential Narrowing of Independent Contractor Category

Topics Covered:

Recent updates from the Department of Labor
Six key factors for independent contractors
Challenges for employers and the gig economy
Implications of the new rule for various industries
Strategies for navigating compliance and legal considerations

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