HR Hot Topics – July, 2022: Discussion w/Caryn Bedford


Welcome to July’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month’s episode introduces our newest team member, Caryn Bedford, SPHR, CPC. Caryn is a certified professional coach and together we discuss the value of executive coaching and how this differs from leadership training. You know the saying, ‘You have to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others,’ but in the chaos of the last few years, how many of you have paused to catch your breath and focus on some of your own needs? It is difficult to be there for your team when you are running on empty. Using a coach to help you prioritize, goal set and make impactful change is becoming more and more of a business necessity vs. a luxury in this competitive environment. In fact, a 2020 CLO survey reported that more than 55% of organizations use executive coaching for leadership development.