HR Hot Topics – July, 2021: Stay Interviews

Welcome to the July edition of HR Hot Topics. I’m back from an extended trip ‘Out West’ and have been getting questions on how to find qualified talent in the wake of COVID. Hiring has always been one of the top three HR issues that employers struggle with, but in our current market, it is harder than ever to recruit. As a result, companies are increasing wages, offering signing bonuses and maximizing flexibility to attract the right candidate. Which begs the question, how long before your current staff are tempted to look elsewhere for a more lucrative offer?

While you are busy trying to fill vacant positions, you may be on the verge of losing key employees and not even know it. This is where stay interviews come into play. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your existing team is VITAL if you are going to prevent them from being lured away by a competitor.

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