The Unretirement Movement: A New Approach to Talent Acquisition

In the face of ongoing labor shortages, businesses are in dire need of innovative solutions. One such underutilized strategy is engaging with the “unretirement” workforce—retirees willing or considering a return to professional life. This blog post, inspired by the March edition of HR Hot Topics with Jodi Schafer, delves into the concept of unretirement and how it can be an opportunity for employers.


The Rise of Unretirement:


Unretirement refers to the phenomenon of retirees rejoining the workforce, driven by various factors, including financial needs, the desire for social connections, and the pursuit of meaningful work. With nearly 66% of recent retirees open to rejoining the workforce, the potential to address labor shortages through this demographic is significant.


Why Unretirement Matters:


The aging population possesses invaluable skills, experience, and motivation, making them a crucial asset in today’s competitive job market. By embracing unretirement, companies can not only fill vacancies but also enrich their workforce with diversity and expertise.


Strategies for Attracting Unretired Workers:


1. Meaningful Work: Offer roles that provide value and purpose, tapping into retirees’ desire for impactful contributions.

2. Flexibility: Design part-time, flexible roles that accommodate the lifestyle needs of retirees.

3. Training Opportunities: Ensure continuous learning and growth by providing training and development options.

4. Targeted Benefits: Offer benefits tailored to the needs of older workers, such as supplemental health plans and wellness programs.




The unretirement movement presents a golden opportunity for businesses to revitalize their workforce and mitigate labor shortages. By understanding and catering to the needs of retired professionals, companies can unlock a treasure trove of talent and experienc.