Meet Gin Gibson: Our New Benefits Maestro at HRM Services

We are thrilled to introduce Gin Gibson, the newest addition to our HRM Services team! With her extensive background in benefits management, Gin is a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist and a licensed health insurance counselor in Michigan. She brings a wealth of knowledge about benefits compliance, including ERISA regulations, and a practical approach to employee and employer needs in benefits planning.


In her debut on HR Hot Topics, Gin shares valuable insights on several key areas in benefits management:


1. Post-Open Enrollment Tasks:

As follow up to open enrollment, Gin emphasizes the importance of ensuring that employees have received their new ID cards and understanding the changes in the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) document. She also highlights the necessity of distributing federally required documents, such as the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act Notice.


2. Understanding and Managing Insurance Invoices:

Gin advises HR professionals to carefully review their January insurance invoices to ensure accuracy, especially for small employers with age-based premium differences. This step is crucial for avoiding billing errors.


3. Employee Education and Communication

A significant focus of Gin’s approach is on educating employees about their benefits. She suggests utilizing materials provided by insurance carriers to explain terms like deductibles and copays, and encourages HR professionals to be proactive in addressing employees’ queries about their benefits.


4. Compliance and Best Practices

Gin brings a compliance-focused perspective, discussing the importance of adhering to federal regulations and offering best practices for managing benefits effectively. She also shares insights on creative benefits strategies that can be appealing and financially efficient for employers.



Gin’s arrival at HRM Services marks a significant enhancement in our ability to offer in-depth expertise in benefits management. Her holistic approach, encompassing both health insurance and broader benefits planning, will undoubtedly enrich the range of services we provide to our clients. As we integrate Gin’s wealth of knowledge and experience into our current offerings, we are excited about the positive impact this will have for our HR community and clients. We warmly welcome Gin to the team and look forward to the unique insights and value she brings to our organization.