HR Hot Topics: February 2023 Edition

Hello, and welcome to the February edition of HR Hot Topics!   So it being February and the month of romance, I know this is coming to you on Valentine’s Day. A quick reminder folks, if you haven’t gotten your loved one a little something for Valentine’s Day, do so before you get home today! […]

HR Hot Topics: January 2022 Edition

Welcome to January’s HR Hot Topic!   This month, we’re focusing on independent contractors. And you know, I feel like this pops up from time to time because the courts and government can’t seem to agree on what it truly means to be an independent contractor.   So here we go.   Yet again, the […]

HR Hot Topics: December 2022 Edition

Welcome to the holiday edition of HR Hot Topics!   In today’s post, we’re looking ahead at what this year might bring to you as an employer. One of the biggest things we need to talk about are the election results from November.   For the first time in 40 years, Michigan will have a […]

HR Hot Topics: November 2022 Edition

Welcome to November’s edition of HR Hot Topics!   This month, the month of Thanksgiving, I thought an appropriate topic would be gratitude. How to show gratitude for your employees, and how to create an environment of gratitude where you’re not the only one saying thank you. Where others say thank you to each other, […]

HR Hot Topics: October 2022 Edition

Welcome to October’s edition of HR Hot Topics!   This month’s topic comes to us courtesy of someone I had in an audience recently. I was giving a presentation about all things HR – what’s on the horizon and what everyone needs to be paying attention to. And I just casually mention that the I-9 […]

HR Hot Topics: September 2022 Edition

Welcome to the September edition of HR Hot Topics!   This month’s topic is silent quitting, also known as quiet quitting – something that’s getting a great deal of media attention right now. It’s all over LinkedIn and apparently Tik-Tok too.   The idea of quiet quitting is interesting because the name is a bit […]

HR Hot Topics: June 2022 Edition

Welcome to the June edition of HR Hot Topics! This month, we’re talking about total compensation statements, and here’s why you need to pay attention to this. I know almost all of you are feeling the pinch of a very tight labor market. The number of job openings in 2021 skyrocketed. And now that we’re […]

HR Hot Topics: May Edition

Welcome to May’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month, we’re talking unemployment – which really hasn’t been a focus of these HR Hot Topics since the height of the pandemic. But there have been some recent developments with the Unemployment Compensation Fund and the Inspector General’s report, and it’s not good, right? It doesn’t […]

HR Hot Topics: April Edition

Hey everyone! Welcome to April’s edition of HR Hot Topics – I’m your host, Jodi Schafer. The format of today’s post will look a little different. I recently sat down with a colleague of mine, Alissa Parks, to talk about the latest workforce statistics and solutions. So we’ll be going back in forth based on […]

HR Hot Topics: February Edition

Welcome to the February edition of HR hot topics!   This month, we’re talking data – specifically workforce data. I’ve touched on this in prior episodes – what we’re looking at are the current labor shortages we’re seeing as a result of COVID. I want to give an update on that, but I also want […]