HR Hot Topics: April Edition

Hey everyone! Welcome to April’s edition of HR Hot Topics – I’m your host, Jodi Schafer. The format of today’s post will look a little different. I recently sat down with a colleague of mine, Alissa Parks, to talk about the latest workforce statistics and solutions. So we’ll be going back in forth based on […]

HR Hot Topics: February Edition

Welcome to the February edition of HR hot topics!   This month, we’re talking data – specifically workforce data. I’ve touched on this in prior episodes – what we’re looking at are the current labor shortages we’re seeing as a result of COVID. I want to give an update on that, but I also want […]

HR Hot Topics: January Edition

Welcome to 2022 folks! We’ve rounded the corner. We’re now in January and happy to have you along for this month’s edition of HR Hot Topics.   Yes, we’re still talking about COVID. We’re going to talk about two different things this month. One, some updates from the CDC around quarantine – both duration of […]

HR Hot Topics: December Edition

Welcome to December’s edition of HR hot topics! I’m your host, Jodi Schafer.   This is our last episode of the calendar year and what a whirlwind it has been. I’m going to end the year talking about vaccination mandates. We’ve got several mandates in place and I just want to give a status update […]

HR Hot Topics: November Edition

The format of today’s post follows along with November’s HR Hot Topic video.   Jodi: Welcome to November’s edition of HR hot topics! I’m your host, Jodi Schafer, and as always, I aim to make this the most informative five minutes of your month. And I’m really excited this month because, clearly, it’s not just […]

HR Hot Topics: October Edition

Welcome to October’s edition of HR hot topics!   October is the best time of year. After all, Halloween is my favorite holiday. And as much as I’d like to believe it’s a typical year, you and I both know that’s not true.   Covid is still here. But now, at this point in the […]

HR Hot Topics: September Edition

Welcome to September’s edition of HR hot topics!   During the last two months, I’ve been able to talk about topics that aren’t COVID related – it was like a personal victory in my HR world. However, for September, we’re back at it. The Delta variant is something that can’t be ignored, incredibly contagious, and […]

HR Hot Topics: August Edition

Welcome to August’s edition of HR hot topics!   For those of you that read July’s edition, yes, I said I was going to stick around. While I have thought about selling the business, I’m not going anywhere just yet. I’m here again this month, and I want to talk to you about an article […]

HR Hot Topics: July Edition

Welcome to the July edition of HR hot topics!   I just recently got back from a vacation – my family and I took a long road trip out west for a few weeks. We saw five national parks, and it was amazing! I know it rained buckets here in Michigan, but out west, it […]

HR Hot Topics: June Edition

Welcome to the June edition of HR hot topics! I’m your host, Jodi Schafer. We aim to make these posts as informative as we can, so keep a notebook handy and let’s get started!   What are we talking about today? MiOSHA’s new workplace rules. To some degree, these new rules offer more flexibility and […]