HR Hot Topics January, 2023: Contractor Rule

Hello Leaders, Welcome to January’s edition of HR Hot Topics!  We’re kicking off 2023 with an episode on the newly proposed independent contractor rule from the Department of Labor.  Independent contractor (1099) status has always been a challenging area for employers to navigate.  What it means to be truly ‘independent’ seems to change with each […]

HR Hot Topics – December, 2022: Paid Sick Leave

Welcome to December’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This final episode of 2022 provides some insight on what employers can expect in the coming year based on November’s election results and the ongoing litigation around Michigan’s Paid Sick Leave law. This information will help you plan for 2023, both in terms of your policies and […]

HR Hot Topics – November, 2022: Culture of Gratitude

  Welcome to November’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month’s episode focuses on GRATITUDE! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it felt only right that I should share with you all just how thankful I am for your continued viewership and support. I want to encourage each of you to lean into that spirit […]

HR Hot Topics – October, 2022: I-9 Compliance Updates

Welcome to October’s edition of HR Hot Topics!  This month’s episode focuses on I-9 compliance and some of the upcoming changes to be on the lookout for.  Now I know this is not a glamorous topic, but it is one that ALL employers, regardless of size, are required to comply with.  So, tune in below […]

HR Hot Topics – September, 2022: Quiet Quitting

    Welcome to September’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month’s episode focuses on a phrase that has been getting a lot of attention lately – Quiet Quitting. This catchy use of alliteration has been used to describe an employee who is doing the bare minimum not to get fired. In other words, doing […]

HR Hot Topics – August, 2022: Legal Updates

Welcome to August’s edition of HR Hot Topics!  This month’s episode attempts to bring you up to speed on several recent court decisions affecting Michigan employers.  However, as is the case with many legal updates, the speed of change makes providing up-to-date information difficult.  We shot this month’s episode on the morning of July 29thand […]