HR Hot Topics – June, 2022: TOTAL Compensation

Welcome to June’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month’s episode describes the value of using total compensation statements to give employees the full picture when it comes to their pay package. Often employees are only aware of the direct compensation they receive in the form of W-2 wages and use this number when evaluating […]

HR Hot Topics – May, 2022: The UIA Debacle

  Welcome to May’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month’s episode centers around Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) and the results of several independent audits and investigations into agency actions during the COVID crisis. For those of you who were trying to navigate the UIA system during COVID, you know what a mess it […]

HR Hot Topics April, 2022: Upskilling and Reskilling

  Hello Leaders, Welcome to April’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month’s episode was filmed for release in March, but due to timing delays was pushed back a month. We continue our conversation on upskilling and reskilling your workforce as a way of preparing for workforce shortages issues. This requires a strategy that couples […]

HR Hot Topics – February, 2022: Workforce Projections

Hello Leaders, Happy February!  This month’s episode takes the long view on workforce statistics.  While we are certainly feeling the labor crunch currently, the data suggests that this is only the beginning of the constriction we will be experiencing in the years to come.  While I wish I could paint a more optimistic picture, the […]

HR Hot Topics – December, 2021: COVID-19 Updates

We’re coming to the end of another crazy year and I thought I’d close out our 2021 HR Hot Topics with an update on the various COVID-19 vaccine mandates. There are actually four different mandates on the books right now, at least three of which are ‘stayed’ (on hold pending a court decision) at some […]

HR Hot Topics – Sept. 2021: OSHA Guidance to Protect Workers

Welcome to the September edition of HR Hot Topics. We are back to discussing the ever-changing COVID guidance. This episode focuses on OSHA’s recently published ‘Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace’. The strategies in this document pertain to all non-healthcare workers and align with current CDC recommendations; mirroring many […]

HR Hot Topics – July, 2021: Stay Interviews

 Welcome to the July edition of HR Hot Topics. I’m back from an extended trip ‘Out West’ and have been getting questions on how to find qualified talent in the wake of COVID. Hiring has always been one of the top three HR issues that employers struggle with, but in our current market, it […]